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UF Tax and Accounting delivers financial consulting services to individuals and small to medium-sized businesses. Proudly serving the Kitchener ON area, I am a business financial consultant committed to working alongside my clients to truly understand their needs and deliver customized business and financial consulting.If you are looking for a financial analysis consultant, UF Tax and Accounting can provide the services you need. I am a Chartered Professional Accountant with years of accounting and business experience. My experience allows me to help you successfully manage and meet your financial and business goals.My accounting consulting firm offers a host of services to help you manage your business, providing financial and strategic management consulting. The first step in effectively managing your business from a financial perspective is having an accurate bookkeeping system in place. The next step in successful financial management of a company is implementing financial analysis. Accurate and reliable financial analysis allows you to objectively evaluate business decisions to make the right decision or implement corrective action. From financial statement preparation and analysis to development and understanding of KPI’s, as your business advisor, I will help you understand your present financial situation and help you develop and implement strategies to take your business solidly into the future.

Another important aspect in maintaining a successful business is risk management. I can identify risks that are a threat to your company’s success. From there, I will consult with you on implementing effective internal controls to ensure your business operates efficiently and effectively.

In addition, I can help your company make wise project feasibility choices with sensitivity analysis. I can also help you understand and manage your monthly cash flow by preparing cash flow statement and forecast reports.

As a business financial consultant, I offer a wide range of services to businesses in the Kitchener ON area, including:

• Financial statement preparation and analysis
• Business planning and budget development (financial and merchandise)
• Setup of benchmarks and variance analysis
• Cash flow forecast and analysis
• KPI development / Financial analysis
• Performance measurement tools/systems
• Sensitivity and project feasibility analysis
• Costing and inventory performance analysis
• Accounting control development and process improvements
• Templates and reports development in MS Excel
• Implementation of inventory tracking system
• Support for the implementation of accounting software
• Risk Management and process improvement
• Documentation of policies and procedures
• Outsourced controller services

How can UF Tax and Accounting help take your business to the next level? Contact me today and I will show you how my expertise and experience as a business financial consultant can equip you to effectively manage your company’s financial situation and implement strategies for future growth and success.