Living in Canada, you no doubt understand the importance of filing timely and accurate tax returns on both a personal level and as a business owner. If you live in the Kitchener area and find dealing with the tax code to be frustrating and daunting, you would be well-served to hire a tax account who provides affordable tax services in Kitchener. As a licensed CPA firm who provides these professional tax services, UF Tax and Accounting Services has the experience necessary to meet your tax preparation and planning needs.

Tax Preparation Service

Whether filing personal or business returns, costly mistakes can cost you money and time. A tax accountant is an important resource to consider for tax return preparation in Kitchener. As your tax preparer, we will closely analyze all of your tax data to make sure all revenues have been reported and all possible deductions have been considered. At the end of the day, properly prepared tax returns that include accurate information are the best way to assure you receive fair tax treatment from the CRA.

Tax Planning Services

When it comes to taxes, tax planning provides you or your company with the opportunity to make early decisions that will keep your tax burden at a minimum. As your tax accountant, we would come in and develop tax strategies that will offer you maximum tax benefit. It is important to note there are certain tax strategies that need to implemented long before the tax year has concluded. Therefore, our tax services are designed to make sure our clients don’t miss valuable opportunities to minimize their taxes.

Employee‘s Benefit Tax Calculations

If you offer your employees a variety of benefits, we will come in and evaluate the tax ramifications of each benefit to assure everything is treated properly and reported accurately.