When taxpayers wait until the last moment to take advantage of certain tax reduction strategies, they run the risk of missing important and financially beneficial opportunities. By using our tax services office in Kitchener, you can hire a professional tax accountant to come in and help you plan effective tax strategies. We invest a lot of time and effort staying up to date with the changing rules and provisions of the Income Tax ACT. With this higher level of understanding, we can effectively come up with business strategies that will reduce your tax liabilities and burden.

Tax Planning for Individuals

Most people overlook the possible benefits of tax planning at an individual level. Throughout the year, there are many personal decisions you make that might affect your tax situation. By enlisting our tax planning services, we can help you avoid making mistakes that will result in higher taxes or the loss of certain personal deductions.

Tax Planning for Business

As part of our tax planning services for business, we can help you evaluate and determine which business structure would result in the lowest tax rates for your business. Once the proper structure has been chosen, we can help you plan your business decisions in a way that lowers your tax base or defers your taxes to subsequent years.

Owner/Manager Tax Planning

As a business owner/manager, you are required to make decisions related to declaring dividends, salary and other compensation (bonuses, retirement benefits, etc.) and loans. We will come in and help you plan these decisions for the best tax results.