UF Tax and Accounting offers professional Tax Return Preparation Service in Kitchener Waterloo. As a major component of our overall tax services approach, we provide timely and accurate tax return preparation services for individuals, small businesses (unincorporated) and corporations. We also use E-File software that assures your refund will be processed as quickly as possible. You have the choice to prepare your own returns using tax preparation software, but you should be aware that cost savings on tax preparation often translates to costly mistakes or missed deductions.


Tax Return Preparation

Tax Return Preparation Kitchener Waterloo

Tax Return Preparation for Individuals

When filing individual tax returns as a tax preparer in the Kitchener area, we understand the importance of providing quick and easy to understand results. Our job as tax accountants is to make sure we identify all available deductions and tax credits in order to minimize your tax burden or maximize your tax refund.

  • Spousal Tax Return
  • Single person tax return
  • Senior Tax Return
  • Student Tax return
  • Single Parent Tax Return
  • Rental Income Tax return
  • Employee expenses claim

Tax Return Preparation for Small Business (unincorporated)

By using professional tax services for your business, you are taking the necessary steps to protect your business from tax problems. Tax return preparation for small businesses often gets complicated. It’s our job as your company’s tax accountant to make sure all accounts are properly classified, all revenues has been reported and all business deductions have been applied.

Tax Return Preparation for Corporations

Aside from helping clients determine whether or not their company would realize tax benefits by incorporating, we provide tax return preparation services for corporations of all sizes. The tax structure for corporations is unique. In order to avoid corporate tax problems from filing mistakes or missing forms, hiring a professional tax preparer will assure possible tax issues are minimized.